In our world we have been told what to do, what to look like, what makes us important.  As we go through life, each of us struggle with all of these things and maybe more.  We are constantly and sometimes frantically searching for the next great thing.  There’s always the next thing that’s going to make us feel better, or make us feel important.  There are things that we see and hear about everyday…there is just no way for us to escape it.  It’s all around us…we are told that if you buy this product you’ll be beautiful, or if you send “me a certain amount of money than I can guarantee your happiness.”  This is a real problem that we face because we don’t truly know who we are.  The hard part about all of this is very difficult to understand, because we have been hammered by it for so long that it has just become our new normal.   Read more

If God is Real, Then Why…?

When you share the Gospel with people that do not believe in God, one of their go to points on the matter is “If God is real, then why are there starving people in the world?”, or “If God is real, then why do people die young?”…or whatever other objection they can come up with. We think for God to exist, that He has to explain himself to us or that He has to answer to us and if He doesn’t, then people just say “Well, see all this bad stuff is happening and God didn’t explain it to me so because He didn’t, he doesn’t exist.” Read more